Bar shot blasting machines are used by bright bar manufacturers to avoid the acidic pickling process which is highly polluting and causes health hazards to the workers.

Before Shot Blasting
After Shot Blasting

We have various configurations for bar shot blasting machines - they could be

Single Blast Wheel Configuration

This is normally used for round bars which are spirally rotated as they pass through the blast cabinet. All sides are exposed to the blast pattern thereby cleaning it from all sides.

4 Blast Wheel / 3 Blast Wheel Configuration

These machines can take up round / hex / flat / square and odd sections. The bar is conveyed on a 'V' grooved roller conveyor as it travels linearly through the blast Patterns from 3 / 4 blast wheels.

Single Blast Wheel Machine (Round bars)

3 / 4 Blast Wheel Machine
Bar Auto Loader and Knock Out Arrangement