These are the most versatile machines handling small, medium to large sized components. All over cleaning is achived in a single setting. The options available are standard single and two door with hook mounted on the door, monorail type with closed loop, open loop type (Y) type. Depending on the load capacities, the standard models are GLINT 350 / 450 / 800 / 1200.

In this type, the components to be shot blasted are placed / hooked to a fabricated hanger. The hanger is suspended on the machine hook which rotates around its axis thereby exposing The hanger to the blast stream from two blast wheels on the side walls of the machine, This machine is normally a two door machine with two hangers.

Hook type machines have various configurations like double door type machine , closed loop monorail type machines, 'Y' type machines etc. with degrees of automation to suit the customer requirement. The two door machines as standard product are listed below, whereas closed loop, 'Y' type and other models are custom made to suit the component.

Typical applications include -

  • Blast cleaning of small, medium to large castings like cylinder head, engine block, pump castings
  • connecting rods, tractor components, chassis components
  • Fabricated components like silencer muffler, transformer tanks
  • Heat treated components like gears, crank shafts, spline shafts etc
  • Shot blasting of Motorcycle chassis
  • Shot blasting of automotive front axle, steering column etc
  • Aluminium die cast components
  • Surface preparation prior to painting and powder coating
  • Alloy wheels for automobiles
  • Surface preparation prior to rubberizing, powder coating, painting

Particulars GLINT 350 GLINT 450 GLINT 800 / 1200
Cabin Size (mm) 1200x1040x2700 1200x1200x2700 2000x2000x3750
Max. Hook load capacity 350 Kg 450 Kg 800 / 1200 Kg
Max. Hanger size 600 Ø x 1000 mm 700 Ø x 1100 mm 800 Ø x 1900 / 900 Ø x 2200 mm
Hook Drive Motor 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP / 2 HP
Hook RPM 15 RPM 15 RPM 12 RPM / 6RPM
Blast Wheel Motor 5 HP 10 HP 20 HP / 25 HP
Blast Wheel Size 305 (12") mm 380 (15") mm 485 (19 1/2") mm
Bucket Elevator Motor HP 1 HP 2 HP 2 HP / 3 HP
Screw Conveyor - HP - HP 2 HP / 3 HP
Dust Collection Blower 5 HP 7.5 HP 15 HP
Dust Collector 1300 CFM 1500 CFM 4300 CFM
Shaker Motor 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 1 HP
Total Power Reqd. 18 HP 35 HP 62 HP / 74 HP
Electricals All Motors shall be standard TEFC sq. case type suitable for 415 V, 3 phase, 50 cycles AC supply.

Note : All dimensions and specifications given above are approximate and are subject to change to improve efficiency