These machines are available in three variants.

Induction Suction Blast System - In these machines, the high velocity air flow creates a suction inside the blast gun which draws the abrasive into the air steam. The cleaning is relatively gentle ehere as there is an advantages of lower CFM of air required to operate the machines. This system can be used for light weight abrasives only.

Pressure blast System - The abrasive stored in a pressure tank (by compressed air) is forcefully injected in the mixing tube where it mixes with the air steam and then carried to the nozzle to be delivered at high velocity on the component. The impact is at higher velocity and therefore the cleaning is faster.

Air operated machines have advantage of flexibility of using any abrasive like grits, shots, aluminium oxide grits, garnet, glass beads, walnet shell etc.

Various options of manual turn table, motorized turn table, tumbling basket, trolley and track extension are available along with automatic nozzle movement, multiple nozzles with PLC control.

Wet Blasting machines are available on requirement.

Pressure Blaster with DC
Blasting Cabinet Featuring Motorised Tumble Basket
Blast Room Interior Operator
Portable Blaster with Operator Safety Wear
Table With Track Extension
Blast Cabinet Interior
Customised Nozzle Type Machine with Nozzle Oscillation and Job Rotation
Glass Bead Blasting Machine